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Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan Vision

Help us develop a shared vision for the future of our town

Whether we like it or not, Attleborough is growing.

Since 2001 almost 1,000 new homes have been approved by the Planning Authority, Breckland Council, and we can see the result as lots of new houses are being built around town.  It’s very possible that another 3,500 houses could be built here over the next 15-20 years and this would add another 10,000 people, doubling the size of the town. 

The Town Council believes any major growth in the town should be driven by new jobs.  It also wants to see big improvements to services and facilities, so that Attleborough retains its character and remains a pleasant place to live and work. 

Therefore, the Town Council decided to use the powers granted by the Localism Bill to produce a Neighbourhood Plan which is a community-led document backed by law.   

The Neighbourhood Plan is a great opportunity to work together, influence policy makers and help build a better community for all.  Therefore, from housing to roads, healthcare to employment, help us decide how our town should grow. 

The map below shows some of the areas we have been looking at.

170215 Attleborough Policy Map 1-1

We will regularly be adding or modifying items on the map so please keep coming back to see what we are doing.

If you would like to find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan and how it is being put together click here.