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Objective E1
Provide additional education capacity for the growth of an additional 4,000 new
residential units.

4.5.1 Support for the following schemes was identified in the work of the Education
Theme Group from: the NCC county education officers; the Transforming Education in
Norfolk (TEN) Group; Attleborough Academy; and heads of the Primary Schools. NCC
are proposing to change the primary pattern of schooling so that all children in
Attleborough can attend an all-through primary school (from Reception to the end of
Year 6), and this has the support of the Theme Group.


  • Attleborough Junior School expanding as a new 420-place primary phase school by 2020
  • Attleborough Infant School relocation in 2017 to form a new 630 place primary school, with 345 additional places to meet the needs from housing currently under construction, located on a new site off London Road. This was determined on 20 October 2016, by the executive director of children’s services in NCC.
  • There will also be pre-school provision on each site.
  • Further primary school provision will be needed south of the railway line, with places available when major housing starts to be occupied

Primary sector schools would need to be developer funded through S106, and NCC requires that the developer provides land for the schools free of charge.


  • Growth of Attleborough Academy Norfolk onto the resulting vacant Attleborough Infant School site to form a 1,400 place year 7-11 school plus a 300 place Sixth Form Academy through the implementation of the evolving Attleborough Academy Master Plan. Phase 1 of the masterplan is now at RIBA stage 2. 

Extension and growth of the Academy would be part funded through developer contributions.

4.5.2 Allocations would be required in developers’ masterplans and planning applications for sites for up to two additional primary schools to be provided in an agreed phasing as required as the town grows, delivered through S106 contributions and land allocations. The SUE promoter’s preferred locations, as suggested in the recent ANP consultation, would be further debated as part of delivering the ANP and shown in themasterplan and outline planning application for the SUE.


4.5.3 The Town Council supports provision of additional pre-school facilities in the new housing areas and would expect these to be shown as allocations in masterplans and phasing plans for the growth in homes and to be facilitated by developers. The Education Theme Group, which brings together key players, can be an effective vehicle for the continuing refinement of this objective.

4.5.4 During ANP consultation NCC committed to resolving the problems of transport for parents with children at two separate schools, with the introduction of flexible drop off and pick up times at the schools.

Objective E2
Review the needs for adult education to meet the needs of residents including growth of 4,000 homes, and provide new facilities to meet these needs, and review utilisation of the Adult Education Centre.

4.5.5 This objective for adult education has two strands: one for training young people for work requiring specific skills; and one for more general life-long learning opportunities for all. Both objectives were strongly supported in consultations. A masterplan for Attleborough Academy is being prepared by Norfolk Property Services on behalf of NCC, as the Local Education Authority.

Policy EDP.P1
The development of a dedicated facility that jointly provides adult learning and a Sixth Form Enterprise Academy at Attleborough Academy will be supported.

Objective E3
Seek an indoor sports hub at Attleborough Academy to include community use.

4.5.6 A feasibility study of options for a suitable location to deliver an 8-court hall and swimming pool has been done, as described under Theme 6 . The preferred location option is a joint school and community facility on land offered by developer to the north of the Academy, and would be delivered by the Academy working with the ANPSG, NCC and Sport England, with developer contributions and other funding.