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Education and Learning

Mini vision - There will be good integration between local businesses and schools, providing the required skills for future employees and excellent education for the growing town population, including pre-school facilities and general adult education.The new diverse training and education facility fulfils training needs of local businesses and retraining of adults within the community. Sixth form education is both strong academically and has a strong technical and vocational emphasis.

The Core Objectives (CO) are: CO 1; C04; C08; C09;

Provide additional education capacity for the growth of an additional 4,000 new residential units

  • Support the site allocation for Attleborough Infant School to relocate in 2017 to form a new 420/630 place primary school located on a site off London Road.
  • Support the Attleborough Junior School expanding as a new 420 place primary phase school by 2020.
  • Support the growth of Attleborough Academy Norfolk onto the resulting vacant Attleborough Infant School site to form a 1,400 place year 7-11 school plus a 300 place Sixth Form Academy through the implementation of the evolving Attleborough Academy master plan.
  • Support the allocation of sites for up to two additional Primary schools to be provided in an agreed phasing as required as the town grows, delivered through S106 contributions and land allocations.

Provide new adult learning facilities and infrastructure

Seek to agree a site allocation within the Academy masterplan, to be delivered as part of the overall Academy growth strategy or, to seek an alternative in the ANP reviews.

Seek to relocate the Library (see library re-location options on page 26) to be co-located with the above facility, working with the NCC and the Attleborough Academy or, to seek an alternative in the ANP reviews.

Support provision of additional pre-school facilities in the new development areas

Pre-school provision should be shown as allocations in masterplans and phasing plans for the growth in homes and be facilitated by developers.

(Whilst currently there is no evidence of unfulfilled demand, the requirements town-wide will be updated in the reviews of the ANP).

Review the needs and utilisation of the Adult Education Centre in the 4,000 growth scenario

This objective would be considered and the site could be included to meet the policy objective above and below.

Facilitate links between businesses and apprentices

Promote an allocation in the Attleborough Academy masterplan for a dedicated facility that jointly provides adult training and a Sixth Form Enterprise Academy.

This facility could be located on the former Infant School site when it moves but could also take on the Adult Education Centre next to it to also provide facilities meeting the objectives set out.

Provide new adult education facilities

The provision is for adults with less emphasis on employment but allowing for continuous life-long adult education experiences.

Incorporate an indoor sports hub into Attleborough Academy to include community use

To review this as an option in the Academy masterplan.