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Mini vision - New housing of mixed tenure, type and incorporating sustainable design and construction to meet the needs of the community will be integrated into new and existing facilities.

The Core Objectives (CO) relating to this theme are: CO 1; CO 2; CO 5; CO 6; CO 9; CO 11.

Key areas of the Employment Policy for examination include,

  • Support new residential units as set out in the Breckland Core Strategy 2009
  • Support the Breckland Core Strategy allocation of land for 4,000 new residential units over the period 2016-2036.
  • Residential development will be permitted sites specific, as set out in the proposal map in the emerging Breckland Local Plan.
  • Housing proposals will only be permitted where it is demonstrated that there is also sufficient infrastructure, services and community facilities available, or to be provided using funding that is agreed to be given within appropriate timescales to support the new development.
  • The required infrastructure will be identified specifically in the ANP and its subsequent reviews.
  • Seek an allocation for a site for a dual registered high dependency housing unit, of the order of 65 beds, to accommodate early release from hospital, an alternative to hospital admittances, with step-up step-down beds, dementia care and end of life care.
  • This policy will allow family housing to be freed up. Further information on this is given under Health & Social Care specific.

Integrate new housing into Attleborough

  • Apply the policies for timely infrastructure provision to serve the new development to ensure housing is well integrated.
  • Provide a balanced housing mix to address the demographic changes and to address the need to attract further economic development across all tenures
  • Promote the use of existing and new sustainable building materials and methodology.
  • Recommend house builders use a Building for life dialogue process to improve local place making. See Design Policy section.
  • Schemes using natural and local regional materials will be encouraged.
  • There will be an expectation that developers will commission independent pre-application design reviews for major development applications. Design South East undertakes both design reviews and Building for Life analysis.
  • ATC to agree with Breckland planning authority the process for being consulted on design standards and development brief requirements for the SUE and other major housing.
  • The design of housing should aim to enhance and conserve the settings of listed buildings and the Conservation Areas
  • All development in the Conservation Area and affecting settings of Listed Buildings to meet the Breckland policy DC17 as set out in their Core Strategy, and the policies in the emerging Local Plan.