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4.3.1 New housing of mixed tenure, type and incorporating sustainable design and construction to meet the growing needs of the community, as well as meeting the Core Strategy growth required, will be integrated into new and existing facilities.

Objective H1
Support new residential units as set out in the Breckland Core Strategy 2009, an allocation of land for 4,000 new residential units over the period 2016-2036, in the SUE growth area, and ensure the housing is integrated into Attleborough, by working closely with the promoters and BC to develop the designs, masterplan, infrastructure and connections.

Objective H2
Provide a balanced housing mix to address the demographic changes and to address the needed housing across all tenures, including Housing with Care, as set out in Theme 5 Housing & Social Care below. The potential for self-build homes will be assessed and provision made.

4.3.2 The evidence collected in the consultant’s report for the Health and Social Care Theme Group on current provision, is that less than 10% of the expected demand for housing with care can be accommodated within 5 miles of the centre of Attleborough. If older people were able to move into appropriate housing, with care and support available if required, the move would help ease the wider pressures on the housing market, as many larger family homes would be made available for growing families to move into, in turn freeing up smaller properties for first-time buyers. Sufficient support and care services are needed to meet both the current high demand and the projected increase. Health and Social Care policy HSC.P1 in the Health & Social Care theme 5 below is seeking to provide Housing with Care in a dual registered facility to meet this need. The feedback is that older residents will prefer to move to housing with care rather than a care home because it would give them their own front door and allow for greater independence, but with support.

4.3.3 Home working is a trend that is likely to continue and we would welcome homes designed for this demand. The ability to build in flexibility, with a wall that is movable for example, would also help with adaptability to changing circumstances: so could help older residents who are downsizing but want to have a home that is adaptable as mobility needs change.

Objective H3
Promote good placemaking and modern design, and use of existing and new sustainable building materials and methodology to reduce energy and resource use.

Community Action: Good Design. 

The Town Council will seek to encourage developers to take Building for Life 12 into account when planning for new development. The Town Council will also see to encourage developers to take larger scale development proposals through independent design review.