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Sports and Leisure

Mini vision - Attleborough will offer the amount and quality of sporting, formal and informal recreation and open space facilities that are expected in a town of its size. An enhanced and connected linear park / green corridor with the Attleborough stream at its heart, will provide a vibrant, functional, and ecologically diverse new open space.

The Core Objectives (CO) this theme will deliver are: C01; C08; C010; C011.

Provide a new indoor sports hub - Seek to agree a site allocation

This could be a joint provision within the Attleborough Academy Masterplan, to be delivered as part of the overall Academy growth strategy, or on an alternative location where it is well placed to serve the growing town.

The Academy could also contribute further to outdoor sports facilities for community use e.g. grass athletics track ( summer term), Cricket Pitches and nets (summer term) football pitches (autumn and spring terms).

Provide a new outdoor sports hub - Explore site allocation options with landowners and delivery of the facilities with Sport England.

The sports group proposed that all outdoor sports provision is based at an extended Gaymer's Field with a new pavilion incorporating changing, storage, parking and social facilities, and an artificial games pitch (AGP).

Future provision will be required for a spectator stand and perimeters should the football club progress up the divisions and have more stringent league requirements placed upon them.

The proposed outdoor sports hub for Attleborough should also have an artificial cricket wicket that can be used for development activities and matches during the cricket season.

Provide a re-developed/new Community Indoor Play Centre

ATC will seek to provide a community facility within the building presently used by the football club, should the latter move. This may include an indoor play centre, catering outlet and public toilets.

Provide new allotments to meet needs as the town grows

Seek site allocation proposals for new allotments in the SUE Masterplan and review management of allotments throughout the town.

Provide new cemetery space to meet local needs as the town grows

Seek to work with landowners to allocate a future site and commitment to donate the land to the ATC. Seek 5106 funding contribution in the SUE planning consents.

Deliver new play areas and open space in the new developments

Play areas for children will be sought in new developments that are innovative in their design and offer opportunities for nature appreciation and imaginative play, whilst conforming to national and local guidance and policies for safety.

A Town Hall, Civic Centre and Heritage Centre in a single building

Work with landowners to seek a new co-located venue.

Seek a new location for the library

Option 1 The Library is re-provided alongside new Town Hall offices and its archives and community rooms to hire in a new building behind Queen's Square.

Option 2 the Library relocates onto Attleborough Academy campus, preferably on a site with the Sixth Form Centre and Adult Education.

Provide a new integrated emergency services facility

Work with NCC to masterplan the location and access for a combined services facility, possibly collocated with the existing fire station, the detailed design and location for which will be developed In the ANP reviews.

Coordinate the provision of faith/pastoral services to meet local needs as the town grows

Seek allocations or contributions from developers of the SUE and any other large housing developments towards faith provision

Seek a site allocation in the SUE Masterplan, and commitment to multi use of venues, location for which will be developed in the ANP reviews.

In consultations the following have been suggested:

  • A site to deliver youth services is sought by the Ignite Project
  • To assist in the provision of an upgraded facility on the current site for Scouts/Guides

If this also included a catering outlet and public toilets, it would provide a much needed facility in Attleborough where parents and children can interact throughout the year.

Create a new central Outdoor Play Hub

Seek S106 contributions to enable refurbishment of the existing play areas, and for a town wide interactive Play Hub.

To allocate a Play Hub site at the recreation ground on Station Road.

This play hub would include a range of interactive outdoor play equipment for all ages and would be a central point of focus for outdoor play provision for Attleborough and Its surrounding communities. It would be classified as a 'destination play area'. Although the creation of the play hub will not solve the local deficiencies it will contribute to the overall provision and is well located to assist with social cohesion between the existing town and the additional SUE urban growth.

Provide a new linear park and Interconnected routes to encourage walking and cycling

Seek to provide a new linear park and green corridor linking together Harg ham Woods and Decoy Common with good connecting pedestrian and cycle links and in particular providing routes over the rail lines.The detailed design, location and timescale of delivery for this will be developed in the SUE masterplan.

More information on the Linear Park aspiration is given in the environment section of the ANP.The SUE Masterplan and planning consents and S106 agreement will provide detailed layouts.These will be shown in the ANP reviews as the SUE is developed out.

Provide new community facilities within the new development areas

Seek allocations and financial contributions from developers for new community facilities to be set out in their approved S106 delivery schedules.