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The Local Economy

Mini-Vision - The planned growth will be driven by new economic and employment investment to support a range of industry and services maximising current business innovation and transport links, including advanced engineering, research and development, logistics, food production and agriculture.

New retail outlets, and expanding education, health and social care will provide jobs and help establish the town as a predominately self-sustaining community.

The Core Objectives (CO) this theme addresses: CO 1; CO 3; CO 4; CO 11.

Key areas of the Employment Policy for examination include,

  • Investment in new transport infrastructure to encourage new industry and employment investment
  • All town investment should protect and support its heritage and attractiveness as set out on the environment theme
  • Change of the use of business premises away from employment generation will generally be resisted
  • Seek to implement development of sites and premises to encourage SME's and new and expanding enterprises