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Transport and Communication

Mini-vision - Movement and access within and around the town will be provided by integrated safe and well designed walking, cycling and public transport networks. Highway and rail improvements will provide access to Attleborough from surrounding areas and support the growth of the town.

The Core Objectives (CO) met through this theme ore: CO 1; CO 2; CO 5; CO 10; CO 11.

Seeking collaboration with NCC and BC, to develop and implement an integrated transport plan to address current issues and town centre congestion and to accommodate and integrate the proposed growth of the town.

To reduce congestion and improve accessibility to and within and around the town centre.

Support policy and programmes to reduce town centre congestion, with projects such as Connaught Road 'bottleneck' and Norwich Road/Church Street priority junction.

ATC will work in partnership with NCC and BC -more detailed studies and further consultation will be required.

To connect new housing, employment and community facilities into Attleborough and the wider area.

Link roads, improved connections for walking and cycling and new crossings over the rail line should be set out in new housing development masterplans, outline and detailed applications and s106 agreements.

To set up mechanisms of regular consultation ensure public transport meets user needs.

The ANP transport group will approach the rail and bus operators to seek a regular review of public transport provision as the town grows.

To provide a new link road to connect the growth area to the South of the town (C01 /CO5/C011).

The developer and NCC to provide a new link road, to connect the growth area to the south of the town, but ATC wish to be formal consultees for the design and implementation of the scheme. The Southern Urban Extension link roads are to be constructed in an agreed phasing programme linked to a series of targets for completion before specified numbers of homes are in occupation, in order that travel patterns are set from the earliest occupation and the town centre congestion is not allowed to worsen.

To support the provision of new pedestrian and cycling links over the rail line

Support will be given to schemes improving walking and cycling connections over the rail lines.

The ATC will seek to be a formal consultee for all proposals to link the town across the rail lines.

Develop a parking strategy and implementation plan for the town centre which supports the viability and vitality of the town centre as well as promoting sustainable transport use (CO2)

The strategy to meet this objective will be delivered by ATC working with NCC and with BC.

Implementation of SMARTER Choices for travel within, around and to and from the town

The strategy to meet this objective will be delivered by ATC working in partnership with NCC and BC.

Seek to implement a pedestrian and cycle network within and around the town

No development would be approved unless submitted with an approved travel plan that shows how access to the housing, retail or employment site can be achieved on safe segregated pedestrian paths and on viable cycle routes. If a new cycle or pedestrian route is required, the developer contribution is to be set out in a binding legal agreement, with a timescale for delivery that links completion to the initial occupation of the development.

Promote improved connections to surrounding destinations

The strategy to meet this objective will be delivered by ATC working in partnership with NCC and with BC.

Seek an integrated Transport Hub at the Rail Station

To work with Network Rail and the bus operators, and landowners to seek to improve connected rail and bus services at the rail station, together with seeking improved station facilities and car parking.

Promote broadband in all new developments in Attleborough

Work with the local MP, LEP the Employment Theme Group and local businesses to ensure high speed broadband facilities are built into all allocated employment sites and major housing sites.