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Attleborough - The future vision!

By 2036, Attleborough will be a successful example of community-planned growth, an enterprising, sustainable, attractive and prosperous market town within East Anglia. It will be at the centre of a vibrant employment area, providing first class services and facilities to its community and rural hinterland.

The growth will be driven by new economic and employment investment, encouraging small and medium sized enterprises with business innovation and transport links, including advanced engineering, research and development, logistics, food production and agriculture.

New and expanding retail outlets and community facilities such as schools and sports venues will also provide jobs and help establish the town as a predominately self-sustaining community.

Housing of mixed tenure and type that incorporates sustainable design and construction to meet the needs of the community, will be integrated with new and existing facilities. The town will be supported by sufficient infrastructure improvements, with first class education, health, social, leisure and community facilities.

Movement and access within and around the town will be provided by integrating safe and well designed walking, cycling and public transport networks. Highway and rail improvements will provide access to Attleborough from surrounding areas.

The environment and green spaces within and at the edge of the town will be enhanced and protected, and new green spaces and habitats will be created.

The built environment will be protected and enhanced with high quality design, incorporating renewable forms of energy and resources. Protecting the historic environment will be a key principle of all development.

Attleborough will be at the forefront of sustainable living and will be developed and implemented through innovative partnership working.