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The Core Objectives (CO)

The Core Objectives, which have evolved from the consultations, are:

CO 1
To view the town as one development area, with strong links and connections to its hinterland and beyond.

To preserve and enhance the historic centre of the town and its history.

To identify new employment land which can be developed and to encourage new SMEs to the town in order to provide a wide range of employment opportunities.

To promote the integration of businesses and Attleborough Academy Norfolk as partners in reducing the local employability skills gap.

To integrate the new housing to facilities into the town with the necessary footpath and cycle ways, and to address the outstanding traffic congestion in the town centre.

To provide housing which meets the needs of all, with a range of housing including affordable, 'older living' developments and housing types which will encourage entrepreneurs and professional people to live in the community.

To provide excellent health and community facilities within the town, including a single integrated health and social care facility.

To provide excellent new and improved sport and leisure facilities for the community, working with Attleborough Academy Norfolk as well as sport and community clubs and organisations.

To promote all new buildings to incorporate the highest standards of design, new build methodology, materials and energy saving techniques.

To protect and enhance the natural environment, including additional high quality open space.

To promote and enhance the town to attract investors, developers and visitors by building on its heritage.

The above objectives have been matched, as appropriate, to the seven themed areas of focus.

Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan (ANP) - Themes

Setting out on the journey to deliver the ANP, it was agreed that the local economy and job creation should be the main driver of the plan. Overall seven themes were identified and these are interlinked in many of the Core Objectives and subsequent policies.

Themes - each refers to the Core Objectives

  1. The Local Economy
  2. Housing
  3. Transport and Communication
  4. Education
  5. Health and Social Care
  6. Sports and Community Facilities
  7. Environment, Sustainability and Design Quality