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Friday, 24 November 2017 12:24


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Town Hall, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2AF

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The Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan sets out the vision for the future of Attleborough which is identified as part of the growth corridor because of its location by the A11. The Breckland “Local Plan” proposes an additional 4,000 houses for Attleborough which will result in the town doubling in size.  Both Attleborough Town Council members and local residents felt it was important to create their own “Neighbourhood Plan” to ensure the best possible outcome for all in view of the huge development they faced.  The “Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group” was set up and included members from the Town Council, local businesses, community organisations and residents.  Together they gave hours of their own time to create the final Plan document which has taken several years to finalise and many consultations with the local community.  This Group considered all aspects including the need for adequate infrastructure, employment sites, open spaces, health and education, which are required to support this growing town. After several drafts, the completed document was examined and approved by an independent Examiner then submitted for formal Referendum.  Residents voted on the Plan on 23 November 2017 and after a majority vote of 93.1 % the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan has been “made”. The document and policies within will now be considered in all future planning applications for Attleborough.

Town Mayor, Cllr Jeremy Burton, attended the count at Breckland Council and on hearing the result said:

“Attleborough Town Council is immensely proud that the people of the town have put their faith in us and voted “Yes” to the Neighbourhood Plan.

This could prove one of the most significant events in the Town’s history.

This Neighbourhood Plan is the culmination of over 5 years’ work in ensuring Attleborough will be well positioned for the next 20 years in enriching the Town and making it a fantastic place to live.

 I would like to thank all the Volunteers and Councillors and staff who have worked on producing this Plan over the years - it has been a real journey of sweat and tears - and literally hours of toil.

Now the work will enter another stage in ensuring that this Neighbourhood Plan is followed by all planning authorities and especially Breckland. We as a Town Council are determined to follow this Plan through and ensure that Attleborough is not a dormitory Town and we will work hard to bring better facilities to the Town. Being more Green Space, better sports facilities, new Community Centre, better road infrastructure, including a link road, and better health facilities.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a journey & not a destination but I do think this is a significant milestone and puts the Town into a fantastic opportunity to push on and become a model Breckland Town for the benefit of everyone.”